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How to Prepare a Woman for Sex


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Diamond Platnumz he want's to prove he is good Chef and care a lot his family must see what he did on kitchen when he prepared evening food with Zari and his mother but don't forget Tiffa watching what's dad he is doing!! Must see Photo's!! 
Diamond Platnumz he want's to prove he is good Chef and care a lot his family must see what he did on kitchen when he prepared evening food with Zari and his mother but don't forget Tiffa watching what's dad he is doing!! Must see Photo's!!.

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My Husband No Longer Gives Me Good $*x in Bed -- Please Help!!!SEE HERE


I have been married for five years and have two boys. I am still the way I was before child-bearing. My shape and slim looks are still intact and many people who don’t know still see me as a hot spinster and I always tell the guys that I’m happily married and they should stay off.

But an issue is shaking the foundations of my marriage. My husband has had little or no interest in $*x for about a year. I have tried to find out why he suddenly lost interest in $*x but he is not forthcoming. 

We have a good relationship apart from this problem but I cannot remain like this for long. I have done all kinds of things to seduce him. I’ve tried lingerie, backrubs, and romantic dinners, but nothing works. 

I don’t know what else to do. Please help me.
- Blessing from Benin.

Below is Julie Coker's response to Blessing's bedroom trouble...
Dear Blessing,
Every couple goes through periods when one or both partners are too busy or not in the mood. But the sustained lack of interest you mention signals that something is wrong. Some physical conditions can lower libido in men, as can some medications. If you think illness may be a factor, urge your husband to have a complete physical examination.

Stress can also diminish $*xual desire, as can a deep-seated fear of intimacy. An affair can take a spouse’s attention away from his partner, too. However, the most common reason men and women avoid love-making is unexpressed anger at their partner. Could your husband be upset about something in your marriage? Does he expect things from you that he doesn’t feel he’s getting? 

Any hostile or negative feelings he has must be recognized and dealt with before you can find pleasure in love-making again.

Have a serious talk, but if you can’t communicate, I strongly suggest you see a therapist together.

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Top 10 Sexy Celebrities Who Are Much Older Than You Think

10. Sarah Hyland, age 24
Sarah’s wide eyes, baby face, and clear complexion give her a youthful look. 
Although she always speaks maturely during interviews, Sarah still looks like a teenager. It’s hard to believe the actress is 24.
9. Jennifer Aniston, age 45
Yes, Jennifer Aniston is 45 years old now. But she doesn't just look good for her age, she looks good period. Wanna stay ravishing and youthful well into your forties? 
8. Pharrell, age 41
This chart-topping crooner may be 40, but he was easily one of the hottest guys at the Grammy's…despite that unfortunate hat choice. Swoon.
7. Jim Parsons, age 41
Shocker: Your favorite Big Bang Theory star is actually 41 years old. And even out of a t-shirt, he still looks like a 20-something guy.
6. Halle Berry, age 48
Gorgeous actress Halle Berry has a face that seems to defy time. You'd probably never guess she's 48.
5. Jared Leto, age 42
He is 42!?!  But he's so boyishly handsome still! Even though he sometimes comes off as a little douchey, I have to admit, I'd help him apply his guyliner anyday!
4. Gwen Stefani, age 45
From rockstar to supermom, Gwen shows no signs of slowing down. And at 45 (already!?), this blonde bombshell looks better than ever.
3. Johnny Depp, age 51 
Johnny Depp is one hot man both on and off screen, and although we guess he must be getting on a bit, we’d never guess he is 51.
2. Alyson Hannigan, age 40
Vibrant actress Alyson Hannigan probably gets carded for alcohol occasionally, but she's 40 years old!
1. Chuck Norris, age 74
Chuck Norris is turning 74 on March 10th. And he could still knock you on your ass with one roundhouse kick to the face.  
But he can't for the life of him, figure out that making a Facebook status update is not the same as searching Google
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2015 MTV Africa Music Awards Winners! Diamond Platnumz Kills Again


Best Female: Yemi Alade (Nigeria
 Best Male: Davido (Nigeria)
  Best Group: P-Square (Nigeria)
 Best New Act Transformed by Absolut: Patoranking (Nigeria)
 Best Hip Hop:  Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)
 Best Collaboration: AKA, Burna Boy, Da LES & JR: “All Eyes On Me” (SA/Nigeria)
 Song of the Year: Mavins: “Dorobucci” (Nigeria)
  Best Live: Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania)
  Video of the Year:  “Nafukwa” – Riky Rick; Director: Adriaan Louw
 Best Pop & Alternative: Jeremy Loops (South Africa)
  Best Francophone: DJ Arafat (Ivory Coast)
 Best Lusophone: Ary (Angola)
  Personality of the Year:  Trevor Noah (South Africa)
  MAMA Evolution: D’Banj (Nigeria)
Best International: Nicki Minaj
 Artist of the Decade: P-Square MTV Base Leadership Award: Saran Kaba Jones & S’Bu Mavundla

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Chocolate City Kenya music star Victoria Kimani just put out photos from a photo-shoot with August Udoh, and one thing is screaming at everyone. That bright orange hair color. She shared the pictures on instagram, and caught the attention of many of her fans.
If we didn’t know better we’d think she was trying out for a super hero movie… Maybe Poison Ivy, or Dark Phoenix.
What do you think of the new look?

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Vera Sidika Spends 2.4 Million A Night In Dubai Again! Check Out Photos Of Her Escapade In The Arab City

Vera Sidika Spends 2.4 Million A Night In Dubai Again! Check Out Photos Of Her Escapade In The Arab City
The queen is back to assure doubting thomases no one has tempered with her glittering diadem! Vera Sidika is in Dubai spending nights at the City’s most elegant hotel.
Lanes! Corazon Kwamboka and Huddah Monroe better shove off your broke behinds because Vera Sidika is the undisputed queen of socialites!
Vera didn’t baptize herself ‘Queen Vee Bosset’ for the sake of just being unique, the bootyfull socialite is literally living the kind of life that a queen lives.
Recently, Corazon Kwamboka left folks scratching their heads with her escapade in Dubai and Miami. Some folks started saying she was giving Vera a run for her money others going to the lengths of insinuating the country was going to witness regime change.
But Vera wouldn’t let Corazon enjoy all the glamour at her expense, not the Vera we know. The socialite has also exported her fat ass to Dubai and guess which hotel she checked in?
Sometimes in October last year, Vera sent shockwaves across Kenya when she boasted of spending Kes 2.4 million a night in a Dubai hotel.
The bleached socialite is back in Dubai and she checked in at the Armani Hotel, the same sophisticated hotel she spent 2.4 million a night last year.
Armani Hotel is located in downtown Dubai in the iconic 163 storey Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.
The hotel is soaring high above any other structures in the desert city. It offers unparalleled comfort and as such a night at the hotel is DAMN expensive.
Vera is currently spending her nights at the luxurious hotel; of course courtesy of a sponsor.
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Top 10 Celebrities With The Sexiest Lips Around Ze World

10. Kat Dennings

Now a popular star in Hollywood, Kat is known for her wild sense of humor, curvaceous body and sexy lips! With her full lips and pouty smile, Dennings surely deserves a spot on this list.

Swanepoel became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2010, and the brand seems to love her so much. This beauty has a full set of lips that make any lipstick look good, her secret? She claims that she cannot live without lip balm.

Jessica Alba has been considered a sex symbol in the past few years. Her lips are full and sexy and according to reports they are natural, as she has looked her same gorgeous self since she got into the business.

Eva Mendes' look is so natural and fresh that she has been listed in Maxim and AskMen's top 100 Most Desirable Women and in 2012, she was named one of the Most Beautiful at Every Age.

Although Angelina Jolie cannot be named as the young actress, but she still looks hot and beautiful. Her beautiful lips are shaped in the way many women dream of. They are truly luscious, and a bit scandalous.

Monica Bellucci, even at her 47, enjoys her attractive personality. Especially her lips are very beautiful the times she decorate them with dark combination of colors.

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model who has been known for for being a Victoria's Secret Angel since year 2000. Her lips are one of her trademarks, among a few of her other assets.

It seems that God has made Megan Fox to fit the entertainment industry of America. Having the perfectly looking lips' shape, Megan is among the high ranked Hollywood celebrities.

Scarlett has set herself from various Hollywood actresses in terms of her beauty and talent. She smiles very nice and it looks really magical when Scarlett gives an innocenet smile.
1. Rihanna

This Barbadian beauty became an instant hit when she came onto the scene in 2005. Her lips are just one of the sexiest things about her, and her fans flock to buy whatever lipstick color Rihanna is seen wearing.

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